Concordia History

Concordia Lodge No. 13 is the second oldest Lodge in Maryland and the oldest in continuous existence, in never having ceased to meet during the anti-Masonic period of the 1830's. It was also the first new Lodge chartered by the Grand Lodge of Maryland. Concordia began working under a dispensation issued January 26, 1793 and received its charter on April 13, 1793. Concordia Lodge has now met in four different centuries.

The original founders adopted the Latin motto that remains yet today.

Pax in aeternum habitat ubi praevalet concordia

Peace forever dwells where harmony prevails

Concordia's records and memorabilia extend back to 1994 and each year at installation the original 18th century jewels are used. Also preserved is a trowel used to lay the cornerstone of Baltimore's Washington Monument and other landmarks.

Concordia has met at the Exchange Coffee House at Calvert and Water Streets (1793-1812), The Baltimore City Watch house on the present site of City Hall (1812-1822), the first Masonic Temple on the present sight of the Mitchell Courthouse (1822-1869), the second Masonic Temple at 225 North Charles Street (1869-1994), Mount Nebo (1994-2002), and now at Mount Moriah Masonic Temple, Towson, Maryland.

Concordia is the home Lodge of eight Grand Masters, including the First Worshipful Master Henry Wilmans (1794 - 95)

William Belton (1797-98)
Peter Little (1818-19)
Charles Gilman (1814-48)
Anthony Kimmel (1859)
Charles H Cover (1956-57)
Ernest L. Poyner 1962-63)
John R. Fogle (1970-71)